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Burger King

For an international name like Burger King, we knew we had to deliver an engaging, highly responsive site that showcased their global brand while bringing a local touch. This marks the second time we were entrusted with revamping the Burger King website, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional results. We designed a site for the launch of their delivery service and added local elements like integrated geolocation for finding nearby stores and a display of available offers to drive customer engagement. Additional context like nutritional information is seamlessly incorporated into the design, along with high-quality photos of their mouthwatering food.

The KingFinder
GPS Locator.

The integrated geolocation feature simplifies the process of finding nearby Burger King stores. Users can easily allow location access, and the website automatically detects their current position, ensuring accurate results. This convenient functionality enhances accessibility and encourages foot traffic to Burger King locations, contributing to a positive user experience.

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