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Casa Moderna

At Casa Moderna, we collaborated on the development of a sophisticated website for their newly opened Furniture Showroom. Our focus was on creating an elegant online platform that showcases their products with finesse, utilizing subtle animations to enhance the visual experience. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the website features an integrated Appointment booking system seamlessly connected with their agents’ calendars. This innovative functionality enables customers to schedule showroom visits conveniently, aligning with Casa Moderna’s commitment to providing exceptional service and fostering seamless interactions with their clientele.

Designing for
Mobile Friendly

With the exponential growth of mobile usage, we recognised the importance of creating a website that seamlessly adapts to varying screen sizes and resolutions. From the outset, our design team focused on crafting a responsive layout that prioritizes essential content and functionality for mobile users.

Auto Sync Appointment Calendar

The Auto Sync Appointment Calendar feature enables agents to effortlessly organise appointments with clients. It automatically syncs scheduled appointments with agents’ calendars in real-time, streamlining operations and improving client communication.

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