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When dealing with finance, it’s important to build a site that reflects trust. Working with Fexserv, a financial exchange company, we created a highly-responsive site that demonstrates their brand’s trustworthiness and stability. The site provides a modern user experience, along with powerful financial tools.

Booking System

On top of the search functionality, we built a system for live booking, with real-time summaries in an engaging widget and an automatic email integration. Financial transactions depend on speed and stability, and we focused on delivering both while providing an exceptional user experience . By building custom integrations with their APIs, we are able to exceed our goals in all of these areas.

Exchange Rates

The site include an integrated currency calculator backed by their internal API to provide real-time transactions in multiple different currencies at the touch of a button. We made it as easy as possible to perform currency searches, with fast and intuitive search APIs and an easy sales funnel that lets you make a purchase directly from your search results.

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