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It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Stephanie Borg for the second time on her website revamp, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Stephanie and Joanna from Campilyon Marketing. As an artist, Stephanie’s work speaks volumes, and we believe in letting her art take center stage. We opted for a minimalist design approach, focusing on building a gallery that beautifully showcases her artwork while also offering it for sale as prints or gift items. With high-quality photos of her work and a history timeline highlighting her artistic progression, the website serves as a testament to Stephanie’s talent and growth. As fellow creatives, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with artists like Stephanie, and we’re proud of the results that emerge from these cross-platform partnerships.


Define whether an add-on can be ordered more then once, set the maximum number possible to order, the price per single addition and the method of calculating the fee, i.e. per entire rental period or per single day. Voucher Codes and Promotions

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