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For Tortuga, we came up with an inventive online booking system for booking tables and deckchairs. Users may easily browse available seating selections by incorporating interactive maps, which improved the booking experience. The System has many capabilities that are customised to meet clients needs, ranging from online inventory display to real-time availability display and customised booking methods on the website. Convenient features like bulk pricing editing and coupon code integration for discounts and promotions are some of the many features in the system.

Interactive Seat
Mapping &

Let your customers quickly find the best seats in the house using our intuitive interactive seat map feature and seat picker tool. Our sleek system is designed to allow customers to zoom into selected blocks or areas of your venue and choose their exact seat all from the comfort of their home.

Bulk Editing

Establish the maximum number of add-ons that can be ordered, the price per addition, and the method of calculating the fee—per day or for the duration of the rental period—as well as whether or not an add-on can be ordered more than once. Promotions and Coupon Codes

In-Depth Reporting

The reporting dashboard is where you and your team can check a summary of the total sales for each event or location, total income, consumer demographics, revenue from booking fees, and much more . When creating next marketing campaigns, this real-time sales data is essential.

A Solid Backend
needs a user-friendly
Front End

We concentrated on creating a clear and eye-catching user experience that draws visitors in right away. High-quality photos that accurately capture Armier’s glistening blue seas. Our goal was to entice users to explore further by creating a serene and appealing atmosphere through the use of visually arresting UI.

Can we replicate it for your business?

Our software solution is highly adaptable and customizable, making it ideal for catering to the diverse needs of various clients across different industries. With a modular design and flexible architecture, we can easily tailor the software to meet the specific requirements and preferences of each client. Get in touch today and start the first step to grow your business.

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